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Fantasy Art


Create something truly unique.... Your unique Fantasy Portrait begins here....
Tell us who you want to become........... Or what you're dreaming of......

Are you a massive Harry Potter Fan? Star wars Geek? Or perhaps your the parent of a Frozen princess, fairy or indeed you have your own peter pan? 

All our Fantasy Portraits are one of a kind artworks, which we pre-visualise  before your session, we discuss your ideas, costumes & props some of which we can provide. 

We can create an entire family fairy tale book for you with your own bespoke story or we can design a session to create an iconic image for you, for all time.

Imagineer Sessions

For children & Adults alike who have big imaginations and want stunning magical images. these sessions are all about imagination as almost everything is done 'green screen'  apart from the costumes, which are usually brought by  yourself, there's no boundary for these sessions and so far we've been able to create everything our clients have asked for, so get in touch below and tell us your ideas! 

Themes that we can offer: Dinosaur Riding - Explorer style / On Safari - Elephant riding / Little Aeronauts - classic 50's pilot / Mermaids / Pirates / Sailors / Castaways Sea Turtle Riding /  Star Wars / Harry Potter / Alice in Wonderland / Little Red Riding Hood / Classic Fairy tales / Forest Friends, bears etc... Little Princess with Unicorns....

Individual Imagineer sessions are £85

They include;

  • Pre session concept planning; 
  • Post session editing of all images & up to 4 images fully visualized; 
  • One 12x16 Art Print.

Sibling Sessions are £125
These are similar to the above but have a longer duration, as each child is photographed separately and then together, only one Art Print is included per session.

Children must be 5 years or older.

Check Availability here


Enchanted Forests  Portraits  - Fairies & Heros

Occasionally throughout the year we have  Enchanted Forest and Magic Days where your children can come and play for a little while at the studio and become their own fantasy characters. 

The studio is transformed into a magical forest or a wizards lair,  where girls can be fairies or Princesses, Boys can be Knights, or elves, we have costumes, but please check your child's size and requirements if you would like something specific..... 

We normally set up the forest every October half term, it's the perfect time to to allow your little one's imagination to run free and get those truly magical portraits you've always wanted. 
 Session are strictly limited so please let us know if you're interested as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Enchanted Forest & Magic Sessions are per child £45 session only  LIMITED AVAILABILITY  - Next Scheduled October 2019 - Please register your interest below:

* Your Name
* Your Email Address
* Your Telephone Number
* Name of Child
* Age of Child
* What type of session you'd like - You ideas?
Let us know if you're interested in Fairys, Wizards, or an Imagineer session and tell us your ideas of what you want.
* Anything else we should know?

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